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Limited Editions

(Measurements, in centimetres are of the book in its open 3D dimensions)

Sailing to the Dance of Day

180-degree pop-up sailing boat inspired by medieval illumination. Hand bound hard cover. 50x20x 24
First edition 50 signed copies $180

Garden of the Mind

A miniature carousel book with interlocking gardens. Case bound. 6x4x9 cm
Signed edition  $25

Our Secret Garden

Our Secret Garden  7x7x14 cm
A book with opening windows through the centre. Signed edition.   $40

The Tree House of Time

180-degree pop-up tree house inspired by medieval illumination and 19th century pop-up books. Hand bound hard cover. 50 x16 x24
First edition 50 signed copies $95


90-degree extended accordion pop-up book about a merman in search of a partner. Hand bound hard cover. 60x20x10
First edition 50 signed copies $150

Silently, the Earth’s Heart Watches

90-degree pop-up book engineered from single sheet. Presented in hand made paper case. 9x10x6
Unlimited edition. Signed $15

Dreaming of Flying

Miniature Victorian-style toy theatre pop-up book about a journey of discovery. Presented in hand made paper case. 7x 5x2
2008 Edition 50 copies. Signed $20

The Grand Canyon

90-degree pop-up of the world’s greatest natural phenomenon drawn on sight by the artist. Presented in hand made paper envelope 25x10x3
First edition 50 signed copies $20

Heaven on Earth

90-degree pop-up book inspired by devotional prayer books. Contains several additions attached on hand dyed, platted cotton thread. Presented in hand made interlocking card box. 7x7x5
First edition 50 signed copies $50

The Quest

Is the princess happy or not? – She’s not quite sure. Castle with hinged door revealing a pull out pop-up accordion book. Presented in interlocking box 10x10x16
First edition 50 signed copies $40

Ursula’s Garden

90-degree pop-up of my mother-in-law’s garden in London. 20x10x3
First edition 50 signed copies $35

Where is In-Between?

Hugh goes in search of what is between before and after. Miniature book presented in wrap around locked case 4x3x2
Unlimited edition . signed $15

The Tatton Topiary

90-degree miniature pop-up book of a Victorian topiary near the artist’s home. Inspired by the engineering style of Vojtech Kubasta. Slip case. 10x6x4 2005
First edition 50 signed copies $40

The History of the World

180-degree miniature pop-up book about a woman and her love of books. Inspired by medieval book of hours. Presented in hand made case. 8x5x3
First edition 50 signed copies $25

The Heart’s Garden

A miniature collapsible model of a garden contained in an origami box. Presented in hand made envelope. Assembly instructions. 8x8x6
First edition 50 signed copies $30

The Book Chair

A pull-up chair with an origami book on the seat. Presented in fold- around slip. 13x5x5
First edition 50 signed copies $30

Quartet for the advent of time

A four spread pop-up book on the seasons. Unique case binding. Slip case.  First edition 50 signed copies.  8x7x2    $25

Haiku for the heart

Four haiku poems in an accordion book that pull out of a box. Unique relief artwork garden on front. Combined signed edition and unique structure.  Boxed. 6x8x20    $25

Steps to the sea

A vertical ninety-degree pop-up book based on a garden in Seattle. Descending pathways lead down to the sea…  Unlimited edition. Signed   5x8x45 (extended)           $15

Ercelia’s cats

Pop-up book about my wife’s cat. First edition 50 signed copies.  5x5 x 10 (extended)   $30 

Goldilocks and the Three Little Pigs

A pop-up satire on the Goldilocks story.  A cautionary tale in which Goldilocks turns out to be not the person we thought she was...! First edition 100 copies. Signed. Boxed. 10x7x53 (extended) $25

Free postage in UK. For postage rates abroad contact Paul Johnson