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Courses for teachers and workshops for children

Courses are designed for those teaching Nursery/Kindergarten through to the end of the primary/elementary phase of education. However, all these courses are relevant to high schools educators. In the UK courses address the cross-curricular aspects of the Primary National Strategy and support teachers and schools in raising standards across the whole curriculum.

Raising Standards of Writing
Through Making Books

You will make over twenty different book forms using only paper and scissors. Each one is focused on a particular genre of writing across the curriculum subjects and for all ages and ability levels. A good introduction to how making books can raise writing standards!

Improving Writing Through
Paper Technology

You will explore several exciting paper technology projects for pupils using only paper, scissors and gluestick. This includes pop-up paper engineering, paper mechanics and packaging design. An emphasis is placed on using paper technology to motivate boys to write.

Literacy Through Making Books in the Early Years

You will make a number of simple fold and cut books (including pop-ups), each one designed to introduce basic literacy concepts to the young pupil and addressing Early Years goals. Other ideas to be explored are group-work big books and exciting paper environments designed to hang from the wall or ceiling.


We will focus attention on religious and non-religious celebrations. Learn how to make books, pop-ups and wall hangings to celebrate festivals such as Pesach (Passover), Hanukkah, Christmas, Easter, Eid, Diwali and the Chinese New Year.

Stories in Boxes

We begin by making several different easy-to-make origami boxes and constructing writing projects to put inside them. These include books that pop-up as you lift them. An exciting way to put creativity into learning.

Displaying children’s work:
Making books with hard covers

Nothing makes the school environment more attractive than children’s project work displayed in hard-covered books that zig-zag across a room or foyer. On this intensive workshop, expect to take away with you an accordion book that, panoramically, opens to show a whole class project; a thematic book that hangs from the ceiling, and beautiful Japanese-style side bound books that will enhance your classroom..


Whole day £500
Half-day £300
Twilight £200
Excluding travel expenses

Please consult Paul Johnson for fees outside the UK

Block teaching visits to the USA

Paul Johnson visits the USA about three times a year for three week teaching blocks on a ten year B1 visa. If you would like a workshop from him on one of these visits for your school, college, university, book art/creative arts center, studio please email him with details.